Bridging the [Social] Distance



In 2020, Apostles members ministered to each other during the pandemic
with daily messages of hope and inspiration. 

© by the Authors.

March 19  St. Josephs Day

March 20  Pandemic Realities

March 21  For the Beauty of the Earth

March 22  Beside the Still Waters  

                 A Meditation Exercise to Overcome Your Fearful & Anxious Moments

March 23  To Everything There is a Season

March 23  The 1957 Pandemic

March 24  Encouragement

March 25  How's the Weather

March 26  The Peace Process

March 27  Renfrew Park & Museum History

March 28  All People That On Earth Do Dwell

March 29  God is Always With Us

March 30  Find Good Things in a Bad Situation

March 31  A Bed-time Story

April 1  Spiritual Health

April 2  Social Distancing & Social Isolation

April 3  God is Never Closed or Distanced

April 4  God of Grace and God of Glory

April 5  Palm Sunday

April 6  Holy Week

April 7  When Words Matter Most

April 8  Spiritual Health - Part 2

April 9  Maundy Thursday

April 10  Good Friday

April 11  What Wondrous Love Is This

April 12  How the Virus Stole Easter

              A Poem by Kristi Bothur, Inspired by Sr. Seuss. Shared through email circulation.

April 13  Jesus Has Risen

April 14  Knowing

April 14 Video  All God's Creatures Got a Place in the Choir

             A catchy tune!  Shared through email circulation.

April 15  Spiritual Health - Part 3

April 16  Life in the New Normal

April 17  Nurturing

April 18  Joyous Songs

April 19  Shep

April 20  What Are You Doing to Pass the Time

April 21  Ducks & Ducklings

April 22  Who's Afraid of the Fear of God

April 23  Teaching

April 23 Video  It's a Wonderful World           

             From the TV series "Seven Worlds, One Planet".  
             Hosted by David Attenborough; narrated by Peter Drost. So worth watching!

             Shared through email circulation.

April 24 April Showers Bring May Flowers

April 25 Earth Day

April 25 Video: Jive Dance - At the age of 2

             This will get your toes tapping!  Shared through email circulation.

April 26  Symbols

April 27  Less but Way More

April 28  Inspiration

April 29  Rules & Obedience

April 30  Ministers

May 1  May Day

May 2  Plant a Tree for Earth Day

May 3  Joy Meditation - The Eight Pillars 

May 4   Victory in Europe Day

May 5  Seek What the Day Will Bring

May 6  Kindness & Empathy

May 7  National Day of Prayer

May 8  Faith, Hope & Prayer

May 9  The Singing of the Trees

May 10  Happy Mother's Day

May 11  The Origin of Mother's Day

May 12  The Journey

May 13  More on Kindness & Empathy

May 14  My Corona Life

May 15  Mind, Body & Spirit

              Activities (from Pinterest):  Mandala   Spring   Think Positive

May 16  UCC's 3 Great Loves - Love of Children

May 17  If You've Never Called on God, Try Dialing   (Kermit.gif)

May 18  Our Response to COVID-19

May 19  Believe

May 20  A Conversation with the Lord

May 21  The Reopened Church

May 22  Friends in Nature

              Activities (from Pinterest):  Blue Jay  Cardinal

May 23  Memorial Day

May 24  A Preacher with a Storyteller's Gift

May 25  Arlington National Cemetery

May 26  The Names of Jesus

May 27  The Fence

May 28  Situational Awareness

May 29  The Only Constant in Life is Change

May 30  UCC's 3 Great Loves - Love of Neighbor

May 31  The Birthday of the Church

June 1  What Exactly is Heaven?

June 2  Seven Christian or Heavenly Virtues

June 3  Barnaby

June 4  Underscaled Effort

June 5  Effort vs. Entropy

June 6  To Lay Down One's Life for One's Friends

June 7  The Ant and the Contact Lens

June 8  The Light at the End of the Tunnel

June 9  Be Here Now

June 10  Eggs Benedict

June 12  The Wings of a Butterfly

               Activity (from

June 16  One Last Message

Video  The Great Realisation | Tomfoolery
            Shared through email circulation.

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