Pollinator & Wildlife Habitat 2018

waystation-signOur Pollinator & Wildlife Habitat at the corner of Barnett Avenue and Amsterdam Road is now certified by MONARCHWATCH.ORG as WAYSTATION #19178 in support of the conservation and preservation of the beloved, endangered Monarch butterfly and it’s spectacular annual migration.

A Pollinator & Wildlife Habitat group has been formed to participate in Monarchwatch activities; and to further enhance, develop and maintain the Habitat. Church and community members of all ages who are interested in learning more about this group may contact Bob & Shelley Benchoff at 717-749-5202.

The first activity this season is to prepare the ground and plant butterfly bushes and nectar flowers in the milkweed & wildflower area.

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When the sunflowers are in bloom group members will be needed to host and cut sunflowers at advertised times for church & community members. Each family will be given sunflowers with a limit of five per visit. Of course everyone is welcome to take as many photos as desired at anytime.

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For safety, all parking is in the church parking lot, access is by using the front sidewalk to the south end of the church and then across the lawn to the Habitat.

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As spring turns to summer come take a walk and enjoy this important environmental ministry as it grows into a site of natural beauty !









This important environmental wildlife ministry is also a site of natural beauty for the congregation and community to enjoy.



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